How do I know which areas require treatment?

Everyone is created differently and what one person requires is not necessarily the same for others. When you book a complimentary consultation and assessment we will discuss your treatment goals and create a plan to achieve the possibilities discussed. It’s that easy. Multiple areas treated attract a discount too.

Are you registered and trained to perform these treatments?

Absolutely. I am a Division 1 Registered Nurse who has worked in numerous areas of Healthcare including Emergency, Plastics and Aesthetics since 1994. I have been trained and receive ongoing training in aesthetics and injectables to ensure I keep abreast of latest techniques and achieve best patient outcomes. I work with Medical Doctors who assist me with scripting to ensure all patients are legally receiving the right treatments for them.

Where are you located?

Although I am based in Mentone, I work in a variety of locations and across Melbourne. If you fill out the contact form I can guide you to clinic closest to you.

What do you charge per unit/ml for anti-wrinkle injections and fillers?

Anti-wrinkle Injection Pricing:

1 area – $200

2 areas – $385

3 areas – $495

(discount applied for additional areas)

Lip enhancement 

Using dermal filler for soft, hydrated and affordable lips!

$540/ml – Lasts 6-12 months

Lip hydration Filler

$285/ml  – Lasts 3-6 months

Premium Dermal Filler 

1ml premium dermal filler $540

2ml premium dermal filler $990

3ml premium dermal filler $1,350

When a full assessment takes place we discuss what you are looking to achieve with filler which could be adding volume, creating structure or sometimes even symmetry. Pricing is dependent on the type of filler used and the length of duration it can be expected to last. It is important to note that filler duration is an estimation only.