Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal filler treatment can be used to soften the signs of ageing, helping to reduce lines and wrinkles and replace lost volume that has been diminished by the natural ageing process.

When you’re young, the body naturally produces proteins such as elastin and collagen, both of which help to supply the skin with volume and elasticity for a youthful appearance. With age, the body begins to slow down production of these proteins, resulting in the skin becoming thinner and more prone to lines and wrinkles.

The dermal filler procedure is non-surgical and can be administered to many areas of the face to produce a natural and youthful lift. Dermal face filler injections can also be used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections to achieve the best beauty outcome, whether you require frown line treatment or cosmetic lip enhancement. If you want to experience the benefits of dermal fillers for under the eyes or another facial area, contact Kim Pinnuck Aesthetics to make an appointment at our dermal filler clinic.


Also known as face filler injections, dermal filler treatment is popular for its versatile ease of application. The dermal filler gel is carefully injected into the targeted area of the face and adds volume and hydration. The gel solution combines with the water found naturally within the body in order to enhance natural volume, aiding in the reduction of wrinkles.

The process takes little more than half an hour at our anti-ageing clinic in Melbourne, and the results can last between 6 to 12 months, often longer. In addition to being suitable for tear trough treatment, dermal fillers can also be used as cheek fillers in Melbourne, as well as restoring volume to the chin, nasal labial folds, lips and other facial areas.


A registered medical and surgical nurse for over 25 years, Kim Pinnuck knows just how important maintaining a steadfast attention to detail is. As a trained and qualified cosmetic injector for the last four years, that attention to detail has not wavered. When you’re having cheek fillers in Melbourne or some other form of dermal filler treatment performed, you want someone who has the necessary experience, attention to detail and high safety standards. Book an appointment with Kim Pinnuck Aesthetics today to enquire about dermal face filler injections for facial rejuvenation and enhancement.